The Oldest Campground In California

Established in 1865, 49er RV Ranch is renown today for being the oldest campground in the state of California.  Here is a fascinating legend of the man who created the establishment, resident ghost, Willie.

Thanks to a surplus of gold miners, resident ghost Willie and some of his family members settled in as dairy farmers during the heart of the gold rush.  The dairy farm provided gold miners with milk, cheese and other needed dairy products.  However, after another wave of miners came during came during the gold rush, Willie created a shrewd new business that would change the course of his history.

With the increased demand of having a place stay out west, Willie decided to turn the dairy ranch into a campground.  Travelers, filled with hopes and dreams of finding gold, needed a place to park their park their wagons after they finally reached their destination.  Willie was their guy, as new miners were able to leave their wagons on the campground.  Willie also turned extra wagons into other usable products, further enhancing his business.

Willie worked diligently each and every day, as he spent a large portion of his time mining for gold, while spending the rest of his time working on the ranch.  Fortunately, he earned enough money to grant his girlfriend Patty’s wishes, as his love constantly asked him in her letters to bring her out west to marry Willie and settle on the ranch.

The future was extremely bright for Willie, and finally, his diligence and ambition paid off after he and his brother struck gold!  However, the good times did not last long.  Sadly, on his way to turning in the gold, Willie was robbed and killed.

Willie’s brother was  left with the arduous task of explaining what transpired to Patty.  Fittingly, Willie’s brother kept the promise that was made to Patty, and brought her out west to the ranch and they continued the campground business.

Nonetheless, Willie has never been forgotten on the oldest campground in California.  In fact, he still has his own cabin and is a mainstay of the campground that is now known as the Columbia 49er Trailer Ranch.