A Fun Filled Day at Calaveras Big Tree State Park

Visitors of 49er RV Ranch will have plenty to do while onsite, but for those who wish to venture off, one place to see for sure is Calaveras Big Tree State Park, which is roughly 28.5 miles away.

Upon arrival to Calaveras Big Tree SP, you’ll immediately notice what’s so special about this place. The trees are relics of prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Many of the trees can reach a height of 325 feet tall and a diameter of 33 feet.

The giant sequoias are quite the sight to see up close. Pair the beauty of the trees with the tranquility of the park, and you have a perfect day of exploring. The park has a variety of trees to admire which include white fir, ponderosa pines, sugar pines and incense cedars.

As a guide for planning a visit, the summer months bring temperatures of 80 to 50 degrees. Afternoon thunderstorms are rare, but bring a rain coat just in case.

The winter months bring variable weather conditions. Temperatures can get as low as the 20’s and as high as the 60’s. Many of the parks campgrounds and parkways are closed in the winter. Visit CA’s parks and recreation website at http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=551 for closing information.

Spring and fall might bring rain showers with the fall being much dryer.

Attractions of the park include a five-mile hiking trip in South Grove where you can explore giant sequoias in their natural setting. Other hiking trails include Lava Bluff Trail and Bradley Trail. The state park is also home of the Stanislaus River and Beaver Creek.

Note to dog owners. Dogs are not permitted on designated trails or in the woods. Dogs are permitted on campgrounds, picnic areas and dirt or paved roads. Be sure to have your dog on a leash.

The next time you plan on visiting us 49er RV Ranch, make sure to take some time for an adventure to Calaveras Big Tree State Park. Trust us when we tell you it will be well worth the drive!

More park information on guided tours and family fun events can be found at CA’s parks and recreation website at http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=551.